Customers and employees of businesses everywhere are demanding a cleaner environment. Companies recognize that a sparkling clean operation gives them an important competitive advantage. Patrons also associate cleanliness with a healthy environment. If the floors or rest rooms look dirty, then people will assume the entire facility is dirty, and they'll probably think that it's not a place that gives adequate care or service. But the primary purpose of cleaning is to protect human health and your cleaning and maintenance staff is the main line of defense against the spread of germs and harmful airborne particles. That's why the need for a service oriented distributor partner has never been greater.

We provide the onsite training and product support that delivers real value to you and your team. The greatest savings and results are achieved by using the best products in the proper manner, and we show you how to get results! Our knowledgeable and motivated employees know that relationships are built on trust, integrity, and problem solving skills. They ask the right questions, observe, inspect, and make sure that your crew has the knowledge, skills, and supplies that they need to keep your building clean, beautiful, and healthy.

Precise Chemical & Equipment Ltd. opened its doors in 1971 and from day one your satisfaction has been our number one goal. That philosophy has not changed. Thank you for trusting us with your facility, we will work hard for you!